You Think Differently

Understanding and Developing Multi-Talents | taught by Edith Johnston PhD LPC CRC

Course description

An opportunity to explore and understand what it is like to be a high ability, multi-talented individual. Discover what makes you tick, how you think differently, why things have you on edge, what your talents are, and how to make it all work.

Students will explore and gain understanding of:

  1. Why I think the way I do – what makes me the way I am
  2. Mixed messages – everyone tells me to do something different – what to do
  3. Identify and learn how to develop what you do well or comes easily
  4. How to have fun and get things done with what you do well
  5. Making things happen with others
Edith  Johnston PhD LPC CRC
Edith Johnston PhD LPC CRC
Explorer Guide

Edith works with individuals and groups to discover a personal understanding and create the ‘how to’ for their personal development. She is an author, public speaker, conducts workshops, classes and retreats for Multi-talents MIA. She provides tools, supports, insights in understanding, overcoming, developing, expressing, and connecting for multi-talents. She has extensive work in pain management disability adjustment, career development, and life event transitions. Edith has developed her talents with four degrees and several certifications. She enjoys reading, traveling, exploring new ideas, playing with grandchildren, theater, crocheting and other creative endeavors.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to You Think Differently
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Chapter I: Understanding - Introduction
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Chapter II: Overcoming - Introduction
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Chapter III: Developing - Introduction
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Chapter IV: Expressing - Introduction
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Chapter V: Connecting - Introduction
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