Let’s figure out the ‘how to’ for you next step forward on the journey of life.

Whether you are experiencing a life transition, the quagmire of chronic pain, uncertainty of making dreams a reality; we can assess abilities, strengths, skills, and values and discover options for living life fully. With understanding of ourselves, overcoming areas of struggle and limitation, developing our potential and possibilities, we can express ourselves and connect with others.

Explore the various courses to explore ways to shift from being MIA in your own life to engaging your purpose.

Edith D Johnston PhD LPC – The question is “How To” not whether we can or can’t. Edith has worked with individuals and groups to discover a personal understanding and create the ‘how to’ for their personal development. She provides tools, supports, insights in understanding, overcoming, developing, expressing, and connecting to experience your potential. Her tool box includes energetics, visual, and creative methodologies to discover your personal story and develop a change in the story line. She has extensive work in pain management (physical and emotional), disability adjustment, career development, and life event transitions.